Wow, What a Trip

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

It might have just been a 5-night trip across to France and the Channel Islands but it was a trip worth waiting for and worth doing again. Of course it was made all the better for having positively Canary Island type weather with the temperature over 70f and bright skies throughout: It was a L U V E R L Y Break.

We boarded our ship in Southampton, with Matt and Tara following on behind as a birthday surprise for Debbie before setting sail for Rouen where we spent two days exploring the City and Monet’s Garden.

The Cathedral in Rouen

Unauthorised use of this image is VERY naughty. @ Podgethepuffer

St Malo From The Ship

Unauthorised use of this image is VERY naughty. @ Podgethepuffer

After Rouen we sailed to St Peter Port in Guernsey and then back to St Mako before heading back to Southampton 😦 feeling extremely well fed and extremely well watered and with an extremely large bar bill (gulp).

Now, I need another one. No that’s not right: I   N_E_E_D   another one.

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