Strictly Come Dancing, or is it?

Posted: November 8, 2010 in Rant

So, how many people watched Strictly Come Dancing last weekend and wondered just what on earth is gong on. Is this a dance show or a comedy show?

I have always understood that the whole purpose of the competition was to pair a number of non dancing celebrities with professional dancers who would then train the celebrities to see who could become the better dancer. What a wheeze of an idea. It brought all the glamour and glitz of dance combined with a number of well known and much loved celebrities into a sparkling dance competition that provided addictive viewing to the masses.

The whole thing was made even better by the addition of a a number admirably qualified judges who gave their opinion and constructive (most of the time) criticism on the performance of each pair and marked them accordingly. The public were then involved in the show by allowing them to vote for their favourite pair and the combined scores then enabled the judges to have a final say on the bottom two couples.

This format worked well, really well, really really well. So why on earth did the producers decide to muck around with it. Under the current format, it’s inevitable that the dancers won’t be fairly judged. There will always be the hard core of the general public who don’t care about the quality of the dance. They just want to see some of them get the chance to make a fool of themselves week in week out, and annoy the judges to boot.

There were other dancers that have been are still are far worse than Jimi and Flavia. The whole thing is a farce. But you know what? Nothing will change. Do you know why? Because all the time there are people like me moaning and ranting about the whole sorry affair, the producers will sit there, rub their hands in glee, pat themselves on the back and say haven’t we done well. Everybody’s talking about us.

I would love it if the judges were to refuse to take any further part in it but I know they can’t but maybe they should take a firmer stand for any future series.

Perhaps there’s a way of voting the producers off.

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