A Humbling Inspiration

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

A couple of weeks ago, I saw an entry in the TV Listings about Fearne and Denise ‘doing’ Machu Pichu and I thought, ‘That looks interesting’ so I set Sky+ to ‘tape’ it for me. Well, on Saturday I had me some me time so I settled down to watch Denise and Fearne ‘doing’ Machu Pichu, to raise money for Breast Cancer.

Now I’ve seen many things that have left me feeling humble: I’ve seen many things that have inspired me but to watch what I watched on Saturday really bowled me over. To watch celebrities trekking up to Machu Pichu was just out of this world; as was the scenery. And when you remember that this place is so high, the air is thin and breathing can be a challenge (I guess for that reason, it’s a sight I will never see) and the risk of altitude sickness is ever present, to see these girls achieve the trek was: – The only word I can think of is emotional. Of course, it wasn’t just Denise Denise Van Outen and Fearne Cotton taking part: They were joined by Alexandra Burke, Amanda Byram and Gabriella Cilmi. The really mind blowing bit though was the fact they were also joined by 6 VIPs: Paula Dixon, Lisa Rees, Jenny Steele, Gaynor Sinton, Annabel Reynaud and Lou Rall, each of whom have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

To hear of their own personal experiences, some of which are by no means over and then to sit there in the comfort of my own living room watching them take on the trek and to reach Machu Pichu was too much for words.

I’ve watched it again and still, I’m moved by the whole thing. I salute them all.

But, I find myself wondering, why on earth hadn’t I heard of this before the event. Why did I record and watch it? (If I hadn’t been interested in Machu Pichu, I would have missed it) Why didn’t I get the chance to donate? Well I found the fund raising site and have rectified the last bit.

If you haven’t seen it, make sure you do. You wont regret it. And if you feel moved to support them after watching it then do so here.

PS: Having watched them achieve what they did, maybe, just maybe, I’ll think twice before I moan about having to cycle up another blooming hill.

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