Training Update

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Cycling

Greetings: It’s been a long time I know but just to assure you all, I’m still alive and even better, back on my bike and pumping those pedals. Okay, it’s been on the iMagic (actually, I think the iMagic is harder than real life) but at least it’s a start.

Some of you may recall my rather bold boast that I intended to undertake the two longest sportives over the over the weekend of the longest day. Unfortunately, what I had forgotten was that at that time, it is likely that I’ll be in Russia so I need to replace it with an alternative challenge. All ideas welcomed.

Anyway, what I would like to do is start to publish a weekly report on my progress. I’m hoping that that doing this will move me to better last week, and so on and so on (at least in distance if not speed).

So here we go:

Date        Distance        Speed       Weight       Peak Flow
23/01          42             16          211           440

Now, the observant amongst you will notice that my weight may be a little on the high side: The unobservant will also know this too now that I’ve highlighted it, but no matter. I take comfort in knowing that the weight is probably just winter blubber which will surely fall away with exercise and sensible eating :-). I will also point out that my average speed will always be higher on the indoor trainer than outside so the figure will drop as I move out onto the open roads (hopefully, this week).

The sessions that I’ve enjoyed on the iMagic have gone well and overall I felt really good after each session. At the end of each week, I will weigh myself and take a peak flow reading (a measure of the air flow from the lungs) to see if the reading changes. Currently, my COPD sits somewhere between Stage 2 & Stage 3 and I would love to see this drop back to Stage 1 / Stage 2 (I believe it will).

  1. Good luck on your year……. We are pretty fired up about the new year around here too! I posted my goals under the tab “Setting The Bar” on my blog.


    • Thanks for your support Mark. It’s appreciated. I have to admit I do feel pretty motivated and intend it to stay that way. I’ve now to add another goal as I’ve talked myself (!) into completing the Portsmouth Great South Run This year as well.


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