Training Update 110128

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Cycling

As previously intimated, I found that I can import previous ‘real’ rides into the iMagic software and simulate the ride on the Turbo Trainer. I therefore tried out a 25 mile ride yesterday to Burbage and back via Great Bedwyn: It worked. Better still, when I started the simulated ride, the software linked up with Google Earth and provided me with a rolling Arial view of the ride. I have to say, the workout was really good. Google Earth was good and I felt as though I had actually ridden 25 miles and that I’d actually climbed all the hills on the way.

Anyway, with another 25 miles under my belt, the miles clock up, the legs get better and sooner or later, hopefully, my tummy will start to get smaller. Today, I hope to try a short recovery ride with another big (for me anyway) ride on Sunday.

Go Podge Go

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