Training Update_110131

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Cycling

Hi there, here is my training update for week ending 30th January 2011:

Date        Distance        Speed       Weight       Peak Flow
30/01          52             14          210           420

Although my mileage is up from last week, it’s not as ‘up’ as I wanted it. I’m afraid I never got a chance for a weekend ride as I had two days of family errands to do. Never mind though, the main thing is, I did more and that’s at least going in the right direction. Even better my weight has dropped by 1lb. My breathing seems to have dipped but I put that down to the cold weather (it always make my breathing a difficult), and it’s certainly nothing for me to worry about.

So, last week, I increased my mileage by 10, maybe this week I should go for 20+. we’ll see 🙂


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