The Magnificat

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Cycling

Today, Debbie and I are off to meet Nick when he completes his first Magnificat. For me the day has mixed emotions. I was also supposed to be doing this ride. It’s a ride I’ve done before and really enjoyed it: The organisation and general atmosphere makes it, and the riders, feel that little bit more special. Unfortunately, my heath stopped me.

When I awoke this morning however at 8 O’Clock to the sound of rain on the window I kind of gave thanks for not being able to take part, but then the feeling of envy came when I saw that Nick had already left for the start. I knew that no matter what the weather, Nick and the other participants were going to have a great time and I knew that I would have as well. Still spilt milk and all that: I just need to up my game a bit.

I’ll set myself some goals (realistic ones) and get myself back out on those roads and ‘do’ another sportive and aim for next years Magnificat when maybe Nick, Matt and I can all do it.

Go Podge.

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