The Departure

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, we arrived at the Cruise Terminal (predictably Early), and within 40 minutes of checking in, we on on board and in our cabins, which were all extremely well appointed and liked by all. Phew, that’s the first hurdle over and without a hitch. Debbie’s Mum seems to be adjusting quite well (this is her first time on a cruise) though she was a little daunted at the size of the ship to begin with.  She also thought the safe in her cabin was a microwave!

Anyway, having checked out the facilities, we checked out the paperwork only to find that there had been a change to the planned itinerary, though as it works out, the change isn’t too bad. Instead of going to Saaremaa, we would now be going to Kristiansand in Norway. The reason for the change was that those pesky Russkies wanted to being in one of their naval vessels into our scheduled berth in St Petersburg. Rather than cutting short our stay there, they had decided to move date around a bit which did mean sacrificing one port and finding a new one. Obviously, Fred Olsen have excellent Continuity Strategies :-).

Sailing out of the Port of Southampton, we cam away from the dockside then had to sit there and wait for the QM2 to come out of her berth before heading off to New York, leading the way round the Isle of Wight before she [QM2] turned right (starboard) for the Atlantic and we turned left (port) for the North Sea.

The excellent evening dinner was had in the Spey Restaurant where we met a waiter who remembered us from a previous Cruise of a couple of years ago. Dinner was followed by a show, which wasn’t really our cup of tea (The Can Can is a bit too raunchy for a man of my advancing years) so, as well felt tired anyway, we all gladly went off to bed for an ‘early’ night.

The next day was a Sea Day as we headed toward Germany and into the Kiel Canal.

More Soon.

Cruise Podge, Cruise.


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