Day 1 (25/06) – Dover Straights – North Sea

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Having weighed myself in the Gym and aghast to see that my weight was now just under 16 stone, I vowed that I would try to lose weight, and lose weight soon. 🙂

So, after a good nights sleep, we made for a leisurely breakfast (09:30) in the Spey Restaurant – Full English for me of course after which we all went for a stroll round the on board shops. Now tell me, who on earth is going to go on a 2-week cruise to the Baltic’s and then spend £27,000 on a Faberge Egg. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that it isn’t going to be me.

Weather wise, the sky was grey, grey and grey with a bit of rain and a force 6 wind. The direction of the ship in relation to the wind / waves however meant that it was actually difficult to accept that yes, we were actually at sea: It was SO still. As the day went on though, although the sky remained grey, the rain stopped and it did ‘seem’ a bit brighter and even a bit warmer.

Debbie introduced Nick & her Mum (Peggy) to ‘Dolphin’ racing, bet £4, won £4, bet £4, won £0. Still, it was surprisingly good fun. In the afternoon, Nick introduced Peggy to Bingo and won nothing. In between Debbie and Peggy had their nails done and I sat on the balcony and read my book: We do have a full and active time on these boats you know.

Oh, did I mention afternoon Tea – dainty sandwiches and scrummy cakes. This is timed just right – being half way between lunch and dinner. 🙂

So far, there has been little opportunity for photographs which is just as well as I haven’t yet worked out how to transfer them onto my laptop (forgot my card reader / cable) but I will overcome this and photos will follow.

Evening bring the infamous Captains Cocktail Party where everybody gets to dress up in their best suits and frocks a has the chance to meet Captain Olav Sovdsnes and partake in some champagne – Nice. Then it’s off to Dinner – Yum Yum. Tonight however is bonus night as we are graced with the presence of Food & Beverages Manager (Michael Emmenegger) for dinner, which means that the wine and after dinner aperitif is courtesy of Fred Olsen – Result. The initial reaction of course when an Officer of the ship sits down with you for dinner is that you have behave and listen to small talk. But no, the conversation was varied and interesting: as a result we were one of the last tables to leave the restaurant, oops.

After dinner we ‘retired’ to the Observatory Lounge for a couple of rather large brandy’s which were accompanied by a variety of cakes and  chocolates. Yummy….

And so, off to bed. Tomorrow brings with it the Kiel Canal.

Maybe, I’ll try to lose the weight tomorrow.

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