Day 3 (27/06) – The Baltic Sea

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Travel

Wow, what a glorious sunny and calm day today was. There genuinely wasn’t a cloud to be seen. And, even though we had put the clock’s forward by another blooming hour, the day was making it’s presence known around 04:30 though I did quickly go back to sleep. I awoke at around 08:00 to a nice hot cup of coffee, which makes a change as it’s normally that’s up and making the drinks. Maybe my cankles made me sleepier than normal. One thing’s for sure, I was in right grump for breakfast, made even worse by the fact that my full English Breakfast came with scrambled rather fried eggs, and no black pudding to be seen. I wasn’t happy.

Anyway, hunger sated, we all went for a walk around the deck for another four laps (1-mile) before settling down for a well earned latte coffee and yet another session of dolphin racing and lo and behold, Master Nicholas another £6 to go with his £66 win from bingo yesterday.

As today was a sea day and as the weather was as I said before, glorious, we had pretty much a lazy day sitting and reading interrupted by the need to for lunch and afternoon tea and then early evening drinks before dinner, when everybody was invited to dress like a cowboy / cowgirl: Lucky I had a chequered shirt then.

Early evening brought with it an announcement from the Captain that we would be making a quick route change and head towards Stockholm in Sweden from where a helicopter was being urgently despatched to collect a passenger who had been taken too ill to continue and needed urgent medical care. Not sure what the problem was nor should it. I only wish all the very best to him or her and hope for a speedy recovery.

Naturally, the detour would put us back a little and so our arrival at the next port would be later than planned.

In the restaurant we sat and waited for our other table companions before ordering. We waited, and we waited and we waited and I started to wonder who was in that helicopter, and then just as I was becoming concerned they arrived:Phew. And with that we all tucked into Southern Fried Chicken, T-Bone Steak, Chilli Beans and of course Chips. Yum Yum.

After dinner we ‘retired’, again, to the Observatory Lounge for a couple of rather large brandy’s. And then it was off to bed. After all, tomorrow brings with it Helsinki though maybe a little later than originally planned.

Maybe, I’ll lose some weight tomorrow.

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