Day 9 (03/07) – At Sea, En Route to Copenhagen.

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Travel

What can I say about a day at sea  other than to say it is probably the most effective way of relaxing. No matter how hard you try,there is only so much you can do before you have to concede defeat, sit back, accept the harsh reality of life at sea and r_e_l_a_x. Enjoy a cocktail of the day, enjoy a G & T, or enjoy, dare I say it, a cup_of_tea! (I skipped the tea).

One of the consequences of too much time on your hand is that you can lose control and give into reality. As such, today, I officially became an old man. I bought a beige zip up jacket as it was both comfortable and practical, and, I looked forward to the opportunity to wear it and extol its virtues. In the mean time however, I had to contend myself  with a day of idleness. But be fair, over the last four days we have conquered Russia and Estonia.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that given that it was a sea day, there is going to be little to report, save that of the sight of sea after sea after sea under sun after sun after sun.  


In the afternoon however we did have the opportunity to go along to a Tea Dance and I thought well, I have bought the obligatory beige jacket (I already have Velcro shoes by the way), so going to a Tea Dance is probably the next logical step. The choice was made even easier with the promise of non stop cakes of all sizes, shapes and flavours [including  a chocolate fountain to dip cakes and marshmallows into]. God I felt sick but god wasn’t it yummy.

After the tea & sticky buns, I think I might have had a glass of wine as well though that’s not important, we returned to the sun deck up top and just chill a little bit more where a nice little lady from the Philippines persuaded me to have a couple of San Miguel’s. Eventually however I had to be strong and get off my backside and walk round the Prom Deck at least four times (four laps equals 1-mile).  As I walked around the deck I looked out to sea (there was nowhere else to look) and noted just how flat the sea was. This was Day 9 and still we hadn’t experienced the slightest ripple. It was unbelievable. Never have I known such calm sea’s. The English Channel can be horrendous; the North Sea can be dramatic; the Baltic Sea can be unpredictable and yet so far, all had been like a mill pond. Such luck can’t hold though. After Kristiansand in Norway we have to drop down across the North Sea again but over a greater distance and in bigger seas. Until then however, we can all sit back and enjoy the sunshine, the idleness and the calmness, after which we must prepare for dinner.

As usual, dinner was excellent, with marvellous staff and wonderful company of fellow travellers.Choosing from the menu was just like any other evening on the Balmoral; difficult. The choices were so varied and all so delicious. Blimey, even the stand by options for those that couldn’t decide were worth plumping for. Eventually I plumped for the  Norwegian Gravadlax to start, followed by Beef & Mushroom Consommé, followed by Green Salad with Italian Vinaigrette. For the Main Course, I elected for the Rack of Lamb. Desert options were just too wonderful but knowing I had to lose weight, I opted for a Sorbet. All of this was accompanied by rather a nice Chablis and after dinner coffee with a small glass of port. How so very civilised. 

After dinner, we retired to the Observatory for some well earned brandy safe in the knowledge that yet again, we could put the clocks back one more hour.

Still not lost any weight but hey, who’s going to mention it.

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