Feeling Better in the Saddle

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well, things just seem to be getting better and better. On Monday I tried for a long ride but caved in after 16 miles. The only reason I caved in though was because my Backside was killing me. Having now dropped the from of the saddle by 2 degrees I had another go today. It should be noted that all these rides are on the Tacx Indoor Virtual Reality Trainer. Using this I’m able to upload previous rides that I’ve actually done for real and import them in the Tacx Software, connect to Google Earth and hen do the ride again from the ‘comfort’ of my garage. Anyway, going back through all my rides I found one that took me out to Great Bedwyn, over to Wilton and then over Chute Downs before heading back home via Inkpen. A nice little 33 mile ride. Well, I completed it. But while completing it, I remembered that the route did also include the climb over Combe Gibbet. So all in all, 33 miles done, a couple of hills done. And, the only thing that hurts is my bum. So can’t really complain about that.

This image is the property of Podgethepuffer. Unauthorised use of this image is VERY naughty.

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