Change of Saddle

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Cycling

After 4-dayswith a cold and the inevitable cough and sore throat I’m pleased to say that I again felt able to to return to my turbo trainer. During my time out, I took the opportunity to change the saddle as the existing one really wasn’t adapting to me, or should that be me adapting to the saddle? Anyway, on went the trusty Rolls and although still a bit tender at least I felt that this was going to develop into a comfortable saddle.

Erring on the side of caution, I elected to ride the A$ to Newbury and back, which is just short of 20 miles and added my last two rides as opponents to race against. I’m pleased to say that once again, I increased my overall performance (see training log): despite recovering from a cold. Only two months ago, had I caught a cold, I would have been ill for a couple of weeks and thoughts of getting on a bike just wouldn’t be there, so all in all, I’m feeling rather pleased with myself.

As an added bonus, I have lost another couple of pounds, a total loss of 11 pounds so far, and even better my peak flow reading has increased by 10 points.

Podge is VERY Happy.

Go Podge, Go.

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