Cyclist Reborn?

Posted: April 14, 2012 in 40s 50s, Cycling

Training Update  April 2012

I know: I know: I haven’t been around for a while. Truth is, getting up at 04:45 / 05:00 every morning and not getting back home until 20:00 or later really does’t give me much time to ride my bike. However, with the lighter mornings and evenings I’m kind of hoping that this will change. I’ve packed away the turbo trainer for the season and will now try, once again, to kick start my way back onto my bike. I have done a couple of short rides this week and have to admit that I did find it difficult. Having said that however, I do feel a different sort of rider now [I’m still fat though 🙂 ].

Whereas before I would always try [unsuccessfully] to prove to myself that I was better than than other riders and better even that myself, I now find that I am just happy to be out on my bike and do what I can and actually enjoy the pleasures of the road. I’m no longer in a hurry to complete my ride as quick as I can (which to be honest, was never that quick anyway: I just go out, ride my bike as if for the first time and am effectively ‘starting again’.

That’s all for now: Go Podge, Go.

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