Reborn Cyclist – Fedup

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Cycling
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Typical isn’t it? Last week, I took the window of opportunity when I found some spare time to take the Colnago off the iMagic trainer and ready it for the road. I subsequently dismantled the iMagic and put it neatly away for the ‘Summer’. Better still, I found that getting a later train gave me the option of a more civilised start to the day and even get out and do a 10-mile ride before work.
Today was to be my first early morning ride. Trouble is, I was woken up at 03:00 by rain hurling itself at my bedroom window. Bugger, I thought. I ain’t riding in that. I then lay awake for the next two hours waiting for my alarm to go off. Of course, had I not dismantled my trainer, I could have at least done a session in the garage.
So, guess what I’m doing at the weekend? That’s right: I’m unpacking the trainer and retaining the option to ride indoors (well, the garage). Hmphhhh.
Go Podge Go

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