Cyclist Reborn, or, Cyclist Recycled

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Cycling, training, Travel
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The trouble with packing away a turbo for the season, especially if it’s a Tacx iMagic is that sometimes, just sometimes, some of the ‘bits’ go astray and putting it back together ain’t so easy. In a flash of inspiration however, it did occur to me that with three cyclists in the household, there are three turbos (only my one is an iMagic) and that of those three, two are the right size for me. So, with much appreciation to the Mole Man (Nick) I can leave the iMagic for another day. 🙂
I have to say, it will be weird as the bike on the trainer is my old Giant which I passed on to Nick a couple of years ago so it will be a kind of reunion I suppose.
Naturally, switching to another bike & trainer (the Colnago is staying off Turbos) does mean that I’ll need another pair of shoes as Nick uses Look and I use SPD. Why do I use SPDs? It’s because it’s easier to walk up hills with mtb type shoes than with Look and for those that know me, I don’t like hills. I do hills. I cuss hills. I even look for hills but I don’t like them. And with my advancing years and my shrinking clothes!, getting up some hills does cause me to realise the term ‘Push Bike’ :-).
I’ve ordered a new pair of wheels for the Colnago by the way, just to add to its blinginess and will post a new photo when she’s ready: so that’ll be something to look forward to.
I’m now looking to acquire an old hack as I’ll be looking to cycle to the station in the future rather than drive the three quarters of mile each day. Better still, I’ve worked out I can cycle to the next station which is about 9-miles on which will give me my mileage quota and save me money. Of course I won’t be so smug when it’s blowing a gale and chucking it down with hail / rain but I’ll just have to deal with that as and when it happens.
As I seem to running out of pixels, I’ll finish here and switch to work mode now 😦 Byeee.
Go Podge Go.

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