A typical Bank Holiday Weekend

Posted: May 8, 2012 in general, Rant
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So that was it. The May Bank Holiday has been and gone. This was a Bank Holiday with so much promise, filled with good intentions on my part.
I was going to convert the Colnago Groupset and go for a couple of decent rides. Saturday was to be the day prepping the bike while Sunday was to be the ride days. And so it was that I eventually found myself finishing off some house admin and house chores which was to be followed by The Big Shop (this was delayed pending other errands) and before I knew it, Saturday was over. By the end of the day, all I had changed was one tyre. 😦
Saturday was also blooming cold: so cold in fact that we were driven to lighting the wood burner for the day and evening. I thought May was supposed to be nice!
Sunday came and delivered quite a nice day but promised rain later. I knew I had / wanted to do my bike but I kept looking at the lawns that hadn’t been touched for three weeks, knowing that rain was on its way. I took the honourable route and fired up the lawn mower and set about the grass. It’s only when you start cutting it that you realise just how long it is and how much of it there is. After I had finished, I had a well earned coffee break and recognised that I should give it an hour in what was now a glorious sunny day and give it another cut. So off to the garage to set about my lovely bike.

If I’ve formatted this right, there should be an image of my bike above. It’s a Colnago Geo Dream with paint job representing a map of Europe.
The bike was previously shod with Spinergy Carbon Wheels but having seen a lovely pair withColnago decals on the rims, and the right colour scheme, I just had to buy them. They had campaign hubs while the bike was kitted with Shimano, hence the plan to change the Groupset. In the end however, I decided to just try to get the wheels running without changing anything else. With some tweaking I seemed to do just that. All I needed to do now was take her out on the road. But first things first, the lawn needed its second cut.
Lawn mower fired up, off I went, to give the lawn a second cut. I have to say, by the time I had finished, the lawn looked magnificent. So magnificent in fact that I took another well earned coffee break (I had previously had another coffee break while doing the bike by the way) sat down down by the river and gazed lovingly at the fruits of my labour.
As I sat there, a strong gust of wind rushed through the trees, blowing grass and leaves signalling a change in the weather so I quickly cleared up, put the bikes away and went back indoors to start preparing Sunday Dinner (it was my turn). And then, the rains came. So, day two of the three day weekend brought no bike ride. Maybe day three will be better.
Monday arrived with all the rain that was promised. How boring. What to do on a wet, rainy bank holiday Monday. Debbie decided to clear the ironing, I decide to make myself scarce and start to tidy the garage. I was well into clearing much rubbish when the rain stopped and clouds cleared and the sun shone. Woo Hoo, maybe I can get out on my bike, or maybe, I can help Debbie I the garden, and maybe, after an hour or two, I can cut the paddock, which is exactly what I did do.
So, by the end of the weekend, all i hade really done was change two wheels, put on a new saddle, tidy the garage (a bit) and cut grass. And, drank much coffee.
Still only three weeks to go and we’ve another bank holiday and then four weeks after that we’re off on our cruise with P&O on the Oceana to help them celebrate their 175th birthday. NICE. 🙂
Come back soon.
Go Podge, Go.

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