Cycling For a Better Life

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Cycling, training, Travel
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The weekend just gone saw the 6th organised training ride as I prepare for the 550 mile cycle challenge from Hungerford to Ligueil and back from the 7th July this year. Starting in week 1 at just 14 miles, week 6 saw me doing 36 miles over some hilly terrain. Each week, the distance will increase to acclimatise me to the long distances required.

Now, as you read this, and having read some of my past adventures, you may be a little confused: after all, I’ve done some pretty significant rides in the past. So, why is it so different this time?

Well my last big ride saw my heart rate climb to 250+ and stay there for too long to be comfortable. In addition my breathing was getting more and more laboured. These two ‘issues’ took me off my bike for two years. Okay, I got out occasionally but always found it a struggle and suffered for a good 2 to 3 days after each ride.

Numerous hospital appointments decided that as far as my heart was concerned, although I had slight arrhythmia I was ok, phew. My breathing however was another issue with the diagnosis being COPD, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or as I like to call it, Codgers Old Puffing Disease 🙂

Numerous test showed that my lungs were only 48% effective and I was told that they would not get better but they would deteriorate. Well, that was a pretty sobering thought and one that kind of concerned me a bit. But then I decided that these doctors know nothing 🙂 and I decided that I was going to prove them wrong. That is why I’m undertaking this challenge. And do you know what, it seems to be working. Where I was once laid up for 2 to 3 days after each ride I can now go for a ride the following day. And I’m getting stronger each week. Better still, the ride is for charity so other people benefit as well.

So, Codgers Old Puffing Disease I may, or may not, have but I will prove to myself that I can still ride a bike.

As the weeks progress, hopefully so will I. And, as the weeks progress, I’ll post such progress here.

In the mean time:

Go Podge, Go

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