The Pressure is On

Posted: June 1, 2013 in COPD, Cycling, training, Travel
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So, today is the 1st June. With the WheelsForRotary scheduled for July, the pressure is really on for me to be ready for the event. The question is: Will I be ready?

I really hope so. I really want to prove to those doctors that COPD or no COPD, I can still ride a bike.

Last week was 52 miles: 52 tough miles but I did it. This week, tomorrow, it will be 58’ish miles – I may plan the routes but until I actually ride them, I never know the final distance. Navigational errors (going the wrong way) can cause the overall distance to increase or decrease although experience tends to suggest that an increase is more likely than a decrease.

So, I will be at the Hungerford Library Car Park at 10:00 for a 10:15 depart if anybody wants to tag along. The route can be found here:

Question is, do I ride the Colnago or the De Rosa?

Go Podge, Go.

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