When you have wind, Go with it!

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Cycling, training, Travel
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After my 74 mile epic last Sunday, I decided [on behalf of the others] that this weeks ride would be a shorter one. I did concede however that hills ought to be included and so the decision was to redo the Gibbet ride of a few weeks ago when I was plagued with punctures. This should give us about 40 miles plus three or four series climbs. We also had the added benefit of very, very strong winds.
After the first mile, straight into the wind, Mike suggested we did a straight out and back flat ride; the logic being straight out into the wind (resistance training) and then straight back (fast riding). Excellent idea I thought and so we stopped and reset the Garmin 800 (cycle sat nav) to take us to the centre of Devizes via Burbage and Pewsey. That done we set off, into the wind, following the purple line on the Garmin for a long 25 mile flat ride out.

  • I’ve used the Garmin (other makes available) for some time and can’t recommend them enough. On a trip through France, we would type in the hotel address we needed to get to and simply did as we’re told, and it never let us down.
  • On reflection, the concept of a flat ride through Wiltshire was perhaps a little flawed, but the scenery is stunning. And, I saw another White Horse carved into the chalk: that’s two in as many weekends.
    After passing Pewsey, poor old Charles shouted ‘PUNCTURE’ at the foot of what looked like being a long, long drag uphill with no cover and all into the wind, but stop we had to do. ‘poor Charles’! Well, he’s been riding his trust 23 year old steel ‘mountain’ bike without a single problem, then we switch him to a Colnago Road Bike. Since then, he’s had punctures every time and his gears needed needed to be adjusted as many times. The latter is more down to me not setting them, but nevertheless it’s ironic.
    Puncture fixed, off we set, onwards and upwards, straight into the wind. The rest of the ride was much of a muchness, head down and pumping pedals, we eventually reached Devizes where Charles asked that we stop while he went into the local Lidl for supplies. Basically this consisted of chocolate, and very yummy it was too.
    So, hunger staved off, we reset the Garmin to take us back home, this time with the wind. Such joy. Hills? Of course we had hills, but who cares when you have such strong winds helping you along, but we deserved it. 25 miles headwind had been good resistance training, now it was time for speed. At one point, Mike was doing 30+ mph trying to catch me: His Podgeness had been released. No more punctures, no hill trouble, just lots of speed. It was so much worth the effort going out.
    Before long, the finish arrived and it was all back to Podge’s Towers for a couple of Speckled Hens and a Desperado for Charles and just chilled in the afternoon sun, yes the sun was coming out to greet us, as we ‘lived the dream’ reflecting on our adventures.
    And that was that, 50 miles clocked up. Our first ride of the year on the 7th April, we did 14 miles and both Charles and I were knackered. Now, here we are, chilling after 50. We are all definitely fitter. Tomorrow, I shall do another 20.

    Go Podge, go.

    Update , I did do the 20 miles the next day.

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