Day 2 – 105 = Melting Tar & Melting Rider

Posted: July 9, 2013 in charity, COPD, Cycling, training, Travel
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The ferry dropped us in St Malo at 07:15 (08:15 French time) having released all our bikes from the back of the van. Our first task was to locate the train station as we needed to. Get the 09:30 to Rennes as we had lost one day due to the Saturday ferry being full.

We now know that the Ferry’s were so full because there were loads of poxy cyclists coming over to see the Tour in the area.

Having found the station, found the train, hooked up the bikes in their special hooks on the trains, we all settled down for a 50 minute snooze before the cycling began.

Heading out of Rennes ( having agreed to meet the support crew, Graeme and Norman in Chateaubriante) we quickly split into two groups with one going off route while the other pair, the two old Codgers, staying on route. How smug were we.


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