It’s Getting Warmer; A Bit!

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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As I understand it, the temperature back home in Sleepy Hungerford is dropping ever closer to the magical zero (such a nice round number). Well, I’m pleased to say that here on P&O’s Oceana the temperature is on the up: not a lot but definitely on the up. I know that because Mrs Me is sitting on ‘her’ balcony with her sunglasses, cup of tea reading her magazine. Normally, she would be indoors wrapped up in her ‘Noo Noo’ moaning about the cold. As for me, well I’m on my balcony in t-shirt and jeans typing this and feeling warm and chilled. Luverly.

As this is our second day at sea, there isn’t really a lot to say. The same as yesterday, all we can see is sea: sea; sea as far as the eye can see. 🙂 It is indeed a Vast Sea.

Anyway, after a light breakfast 🙂 we did our 3.2 laps (1 mile) of the Oceana before having a mid-morning coffee and a wander round the shops. Now those who know us will be only too aware that Mrs Me has never yet come back from a cruise without acquiring a new piece of jewellery so why was I surprised to find ourselves being drawn to the Diamond & Pearl shop. Pink Pearls and/or Black Diamonds were on the wish list this time. I just know we’ll end up with something; I just know it. But then having to put up with His Podgeness, I suppose Mrs Me (calling her Mrs Podge is probably not a good idea) deserves such nice things.

Back to yesterday; the one big thing we did do was to stick to our rules of not having any lunch. Until we strayed into the restaurant that is, then I weakened. The chicken curry was to die for, and the looks I got from Mrs Me were along the same line. The curry was however, perfectly complimented by rice and chips and a large glass of Merlot :-). Why is it by the way, that a lunch time drink always leaves you wanting to sleep? Because that’s how we spent the rest of the afternoon, sleeping, waking just in time to for our 5 o’clock glass of wine (Merlot, large, times 2). Then, it was time to dress for Dinner.

Not quite sure how P&O work out who sits with who but they’ve never let us down. We’re a table of eight, four couples having never met before yet now as if long standing friends. Yet again, dinner was a wonderful experience: the rump steak melted in the mouth like fillet steak, the vegetables were cooked to perfection and the profiteroles for desert were heaven. Our original plan was to have a bottle of Rioja with our meal, but still with the effects of the Merlot, we plumped for Prosecco which turned out to be an ideal choice, not too heavy and not too fizzy. Our hunger sated, and the time getting on, we all went our separate ways. Some too see the show, some to see the comedienne and us to the Yacht & Compass for the quiz. We were too late to take part so we helped another couple with rest of theirs. Guess what? They won a bottle of wine then they left :-(. Anyway, A couple of late drinks left us ready for bed and a good night sleep.

By morning, I thought we’d turned round and gone back to the Bay of Biscay. We were in amongst some big seas breaking and rolling all around us and yet, the Oceana seems to laugh at such things and just continues to sail onwards ever nearer to the Canaries. Actually, at the time of writing, we’re just off the coast of Spain & Portugal but we’re going in the right direction (south). And so, I continue to sit on my balcony just watching; watching the sea go by: listening; listening to the waves: dreaming; dreaming of being on a world cruise and really sailing the seven seas. One day; one day, we will do just that. In the mean time however, Canaries here we come.

Ooh, it’s lunch time. Yum, yum.

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