Made it; Land at Last.

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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Well, after three days and four nights, through stormy seas (!), avoiding all whales, and despite the vastness of the sea, we made Madeira, virtually on time. Actually we were on time but three other ships in front of us took their time parking which delayed us by about 30 minutes. But, we’re here. We’ve reached dry land; we’ve reached Portugal, and so many of the passengers couldn’t wait to get off, onto terra firma and stretch their legs. As for His Podgeness and Mrs me, we relaxed, had a lazy breakfast and went ashore around three hours later.

Having been to Madeira before and having done the coach trip round the island, seen the churches, seen the lace factory, seen Madeira wine farms and tasted the product, we decided that we would do our own thing. So, we walked into town, that’s right, we walked. Straight into a market: it’s almost as if it was planned. Have you ever noticed by way how markets have all sorts of things for Mrs Me’s but very little for us blokes? Anyway, we made our way through with little wallet damage and down to the sea front where Mrs Me declared that we should head towards the cable car as she would like to ‘give it a go’. Now, this is the same Mrs Me that froze when we went on the London Eye. Are you sure? I ask, have you seen where it goes? Looking high up the ‘mountain’ where the cable disappeared into the clouds. Absolutely she said, so long as I sit in the middle. Fair enough I thought and cable car direction we went.

Well, give her credit where credit is due. She went through with it; she even bought the tickets for the trip and the tropical gardens at the top. The ride up was fantastic, and I wish I’d done it before. Mrs Me sat there, looking straight ahead, not moving. Briefly I took hold of her hands, but I soon let them go again: they were all wet and sticky, yuk.



Arriving at the top,the temperature had definitely dropped and it was spitting. But did this phase us? Of course not. We are intrepid travellers. We laugh in the face of such adversities. So it was onwards, and downwards, into the tropical gardens. I have to say, they were magnificent. I reckon may through September must see them at their best but even today, in November they were still worth the visit. They do however present one problem, especially one as old and frail as His Podgeness 🙂 To see them all, and enjoy a well earned break in the coffee shop / bar, you have to go down. Down, down and then down some more: down, down, deeper and down. Inevitably, The Only Way Is Up has to follow.


And then, the only way is down, via the cable car. Mrs Me was a little more relaxed going down! It was almost a pleasure to hold her hands!

All that remained was the long walk back through that market where I regret to say that Mrs Me failed to get through without succumbing. She bought a Murano Glass bracelet. it was touch and go at the shoe shops but we got away with it. Phew.

At last we reached the Oeana, just in time for the sail away. And, as we sailed away, leaving Madeira behind us, we headed for La Palma before which, Mrs Me and His Podgeness had yet another evening of fine dining to look forward to, where we would share our adventures with our dining friends and they would share theirs. After all, that is half the pleasure of P&O cruising.

In the mean time, it’ s all at see again.


  1. Malcolm Hafner says:

    Nice to see you’re having such a great time Kev. Best wishes from a cold and wet UK.


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