The Big Six O

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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Slight re-write of previous years 🙂

On this day, 60 years previous, the most beautiful bouncing baby boy was born to what must have been the proudest parents in the land. And those parents did look down upon their new son and did gaze in wonderment at how beautiful their new child was. Looking down upon him they had an overpowering feeling that this boy was going to grow into a most wonderful man who would bring great joy, not only to his family but also to everybody that would have the pleasure of meeting and knowing him, and rightly, both parents were proud. So proud, they couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.

Meanwhile, in the bed opposite were two equally new parents looking down on their new baby boy (who was crying with all the effort he could muster) and with tears running down their cheeks they thought, ‘God, that boy is beautiful, but look at ours! Not bad for a first attempt I suppose but we’d better try again, I’m sure we can do better and anyway, this one will never make old bones.

Ha ha, today I fooled them all and proved them wrong. Yes, today is indeed my birthday and yes, I was indeed that ‘other’ child and yes, I have made Old Bones, for today, I AM 60 YEARS OLD. See, I knew I could exceed all expectations.

Free Prescriptions at last. 🙂

  1. Malcolm Hafner says:

    Happy Birthday Kev. Hope you have a great day! Malcolm


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