Sea; Sea; Sea! Nothing to see but sea

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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Was my mantra on my last cruise. On this cruise, I will be seeing far more sea though this time a little more exotic. Instead of seeing the Atlantic Sea, I’ll be see’ing the Tasman Sea and the Indian Sea.

So far, the Tasman Sea has come up trumps. The 1st two days were a bit bumpy but nothing to write home about (we even had some rain on day 2) but day 3 was flat, flat and flat again with the temperatures rising enough to burn both Mrs Me and Me :-). I’m sure however that the application of natural yoghurt to the affected areas will sooty us both. The use of yoghurt was recommended by a fellow passenger but I couldn’t be sure if he was having a bit of a giggle. So, alternatively, maybe we’ll just use after sun.

As for Sea; Sea; Sea! Nothing but Sea: had we joined the ship in Los Angeles, Sea would be all we would see for 8 whole days (not sure how I’d cope with that long without seeing land. Anyway, for us, Day 4 will bring Sydney and we will have to be up at 5 to enjoy the sail into harbour and park opposite Sydney Opera House. So, it’s an early night.

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