Mrs Me Tries a New Tack

Posted: March 29, 2015 in general
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OK, I know I said that my next post was to be about Devils Island or Crossing the Line but the weekend saw an incident that wasn’t that worrying but the subsequent comment was priceless.

Walking back through Newbury, Mrs Me and and I were laden with shopping backs containing easter stuff, food studs, Mrs Me purchases, as always, and drugs for Podge (all legal of course). As we approached the car across the car park I heard a sudden yell and a crash: as I looked around I saw Mrs Me hitting the ground with a real thump and the shopping being scattered asunder. People came from all corners to check that Mrs Me was OK, offering to help carry her shopping to her car but, in her normal stoic way, she declared herself fine, thanked those who came to help and we made our way to the car.

Mrs Me seemed ok thought battered but, having satisfied myself that there was nothing broken except pride, we fired up Mrs Me’s Ford Asbo and headed for home.

I asked how she was, “I’m fine” she said; “My feet just slid out from beneath me. My shoes must have slippery soles”. then after a short pause she declared:

I think I need some new shoes, when are we next going to Russell & Bromley.

That’s one tack I haven’t been hit by before. 🙂

Mrs Me is obviously ok…….

  1. 69paulfisher says:

    She’s clever!


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