Podge v COPD Week 4

Posted: May 18, 2020 in COPD, COPD - Codgers Old Puffing Disease, Cycling, general, Health, LeJog, OaP, Rome-2-Home, Uncategorized

This week, His Podgeness has been a very good boy. Not only did he improve in his new weekly mileage goal, but he also lost 1kg in body weight: That’s the equivalent of 4 packs of lard πŸ˜‹). More about that in a bit.

Over the last week, my four [virtual] challenges became five then dropped back to four. In addition to Lands End to John O’Groats (LeJog)], Rome to Home (R2H), 2020 (that’s 20202 miles during the year 2020) and the Great Ocean Road (GOR), I have now added Hadrian’s Wall (HW) though I’m walking this one by sneaking out unseen to walk round the fields out the back (Naughty Podge).

Over this past week, I’ve cycled just over 73 during which I managed to complete the Great Ocean Road (Good Podge) and have walked just over 3 illicit miles (Bad Podge) for my new Hadrian’s Wall challenge.

In respect of the lard reduction challenge, this last week has seen my weight drop to 92.4kg so that a whole kg of lard gone. My BMI has dropped 0.2% overall, my body-fat has dropped 0.4% and my water content has risen by 0.3%, all of which is good. So, it would seem that Podge is a Good Podge and on the right track to become an Old Codger rather then an Old Podger.

The reduction in anti-viral medication consumption may not be as great as it could be, especially as I discovered a 50% Proof Whiskey πŸ₯ƒ just in time for World Whiskey Day on Saturday but overall I still think:

Podge Done Good.

All rides on Bkool and reported through Strava.

All virtual challenges are tracked through  β€˜My Virtual Missionβ€˜ and challenges entered through The Conqueror Virtual Challenge site.

All rides are done in my garage as my GP has banged me up for a minimum of 12 weeks (reset to start from the 11th May 😭) due to having Codgers Old Puffing Disease (COPD Stage 3)  😒

Wish me luck.
Go Podge, Go.Β 

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