About Podge The Puffer

My very own autobiography

(Then, who else’s would an autobiography be?)

The date was the 21st November, 1953. It was the date that the most beautiful bouncing baby boy was born to what must have been the proudest parents in the land. And those parents did look down upon their new son and did gaze in wonderment at how beautiful their new child was.

Looking down upon him they had an overpowering feeling that this boy was going to grow into a most wonderful man who would bring great joy, not only to his family but also to everybody that would have the pleasure of meeting and knowing him, and rightly, both parents were proud. So proud, they couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.

Meanwhile, in the bed opposite were two equally new parents looking down on their new baby boy (who was crying with all the effort he could muster) and with tears running down their cheeks they thought, ‘God, that boy is beautiful, but look at ours! Not bad for a first attempt I suppose but we’d better try again, I’m sure we can do better.

I leave you to work who was I but, I knew I could exceed all expectations.

Why am I doing all this?

Well: –

Before before losing my my father, I spent some time trying to get him to recount his life, particularly his days in the Royal Marines for posterity. Regretfully, I never succeeded in doing so.

I’m determined that I won’t make the same mistake and so I’m going to recount my past via this blog site, while I still have the capability and where with all to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying my life is as interesting as my Fathers (if only it was) but I like to think that I do have some stories to tell, some funny, some sad. I also use to site to help me remember some of my travels, particularly those on a cruise ship or by cycling.

Anyway, over time I will put pen to paper or is it keys to pixels, and try to ‘write my story’ and hope that somebody somewhere will read and enjoy.

If you do, please let me know…

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