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Fluffy The Cat

I’ll always remember dear old Fluffy. He was my first real friend and in those early years, we were inseparable.  Which was a bit of a shame really as it transpired that I was highly allergic to cats, especially longhaired ones such as Fluffy was. So you can imagine my dismay when I learnt that Fluffy had left us and gone to seek out new friends and adventures in the local woods. Obviously, I was distraught and yet somehow I was able to reconcile myself to this news as I also knew that while I was allergic to him, I suspected that he might have been allergic to me which was why he had become so ill: I knew that at least in the woods, he would get better and hopefully make some new friends.

I feel I should explain a little more: fill in the gaps so to speak.

I don’t really know how long Fluffy and I had been together but it can’t have been long as I think I was still running around in khaki shorts; only the bigger boys wore long trousers in those [1050’s] days. Fluffy was everything to me, a sort of living noo noo / comfort blanket. During those long winter nights, Fluffy would curl up on my lap and keep me warm (central heating and electric blankets was science fiction in those days) and his constant purring was always a comfort to me and helped me fall asleep. So often however, I would wake in the night fighting for breath where Fluffy had decided he wanted to snuggle closer. It would appear that Asthma and cats do not make good bed fellows (something that took me over 30 years to accept).

As Intimated, I never really knew how old Fluffy was, but I do know he seemed to have been around for as long as I could remember, so I guess that was forever in little persons speak. Anyway,at some point in his life, he developed some of of illness and his fur was missing where there was now a horrible wound that Fluffy kept licking. Daddy said he would take Fluffy to the animal doctor to see if he could make him better but he wouldn’t let me come with him. He said it was not a nice place to go as there was all sorts of scary animals and I wouldn’t Like it at all. so off went Daddy and Fluffy.

Later that day, Daddy returned and said that the animal doctor had looked at him and thought he might be able to do something for him but we should try putting some cream on his wound for a few days first then he would have another look.

Every day, I put this cream on Fluffy. Fluffy didn’t like the cream: Fluffy made such a fuss: Fluffy scratched me. But, I knew that we had to do this to make him better so I kept putting the cream on. I knew that if Fluffy was to get better then I just had to do it even if Fluffy did moan at me, and scratch me, I knew I had to do it. After a week, there was no progress: In fact, the wound seemed worse. Daddy was going to have to take Fluffy back to the animal doctor. He said he would take Fluffy while I was at school.

At the end of school, I rushed home to see how Fluffy was doing, only to be met by a glum faced Mummy and Daddy. Daddy said he was really really sorry but as he was getting out of the car to go into the vets, Fluffy somehow managed to escape from the car and run into the woods. I was somehow consoled by the knowledge that Fluffy was probaly with lots of cat friends now and I was sure thatFluffy would be happy there. Nevertheless, I was so upset that couldn’t settle to watch telly (yes, we did have telly in those days, but it didn’t start until early evening) or even eat my tea. So, I had an early night that night.

I think we all know what really happened to Fluffy, don’t we…

Cyclist Reborn?

Posted: April 14, 2012 in 40s 50s, Cycling

Training Update  April 2012

I know: I know: I haven’t been around for a while. Truth is, getting up at 04:45 / 05:00 every morning and not getting back home until 20:00 or later really does’t give me much time to ride my bike. However, with the lighter mornings and evenings I’m kind of hoping that this will change. I’ve packed away the turbo trainer for the season and will now try, once again, to kick start my way back onto my bike. I have done a couple of short rides this week and have to admit that I did find it difficult. Having said that however, I do feel a different sort of rider now [I’m still fat though 🙂 ].

Whereas before I would always try [unsuccessfully] to prove to myself that I was better than than other riders and better even that myself, I now find that I am just happy to be out on my bike and do what I can and actually enjoy the pleasures of the road. I’m no longer in a hurry to complete my ride as quick as I can (which to be honest, was never that quick anyway: I just go out, ride my bike as if for the first time and am effectively ‘starting again’.

That’s all for now: Go Podge, Go.

Looks like it worked

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Well, how about that then. The App works.

Woo Hoo

Go Podge Go

Can’t sleep

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Have been up since 05:00 cos I couldn’t sleep. Maybe it’s my old age telling me I don’t need as much sleep as I used to. Anyway, while I was ‘drifting’ around the web, I found the WordPress App for iPad & iPhone which I have now installed.

This is just a post from my iPad testing the App.


I haven’t been to the Goodwood Revival for various reasons since the last Millennium but be assured I will will be back. Sunday just gone was The Best. Rain or no rain, what a brilliant day. Even she who must be obeyed (She seemed strangely drawn to the clothing and handbag stalls by the way) agreed.

Inevitably, the drive to the event became slower and slower as the traffic built up but, tuning into to Radio Goodwood and listening to the live commentary made us feel as though we were already there and even though the journey slowed, it never really stopped and just looking around at all the classic cars going to the same event again went to reinforce that feeling of having arrived (I have to admit to having concern that the MG in front wasn’t going to make it, but it held out thank goodness).

Having parked up [and noted where we had actually parked the car] we made our way towards the track but even before getting there we seemed to step back in time as we entered what I call ‘The Outer Village’ of stalls and displays and even a fairground all set back in the 40s, 50s and 60s. In addition to the stall, there seemed to be an endless range of classic cars to view. All makes (Ford, Mercedes, Jaguar, Triumph, Rolls Royce, Maserati, BMWs, Yada Yada), shapes (3-wheel, 4-wheel, saloon, droptop, estate, vans, et al) and sizes (small, medium, large and extra large (from America). Naturally, there were also motorbikes of all ages and makes including one from Harry Potter (not sure how old that one was). I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say we could have just spent our time there and not gone into the circuit but the draw of the sound of those engines hurtling round the track drew everybody in [like the pied piper]. But, wait, is that Nick Mason over there? Crikey, yes it is: How thrilled was I to not only see Nick but to be able to buy a book which he then signed for signed [To Podge] was a great start to the day.

So, clutching my ever growing bag of goodies (leaflets, pamphlets, flyers and now a proper book) we made our way into the circuit proper. Now we have truly stepped back to the 50’s & 60’s. It seems as though there were more that dressed for the period than those that didn’t (we’ll certainly be doing the same ourselves next year). Walking through the high street that had appeared in the last couple of weeks (we came here on the 28th August with the Matt & Nick for a Cycle Race event around the same circuit: it was much quieter then) was a real trip down down memory lane. Not only were the shops set back in time but the vast number of people that had dressed for the occasion, even with prams of that same era, just set the scene: there was even a Tesco Supermarket offering Green Shield Stamps (So much better than Club Card points, Nectar Points or whatever).

So much was going on it is difficult to describe. We saw for instance, Laural & Hardy driving around and arguing; we saw dancers rocking and rolling; we saw a wedding troubled by drunkenness with the groom and best man being ‘arrested’ by the local copper; we saw the Royal Marine Band; we even saw the home guard (Dad’s Army) parading through the ‘streets’. It was all just too much to take in, we needed to find something to eat and drink. Fortunately, there was an old Army Chuck Wagon serving tea, coffee and hamburgers (woohoo). So hunger and thirst sated, we made our way, finally, to the actual track to see some racing. As we clambered up the bank to look down on the course we were served up with a view of not only Race Cars from the 50’s and 60’s but also the sight of two spitfires warming up ready for takeoff (the track circles an airfield which was used during WWII and is still in use today though not normally by fighter planes). The spitfires were warming for a fly past with a Lancaster Bomber though bad weather precluded the Lanc’ actually taking part but the antics of the two spitfires above the circuit more than made up for it, and having them seemingly skim your heads as they came into land was something I’ll never forget. This had to be, for me, the highlight of the day. But oh no,no no. After this we were able enjoy numerous races of both cars and motor cycles and wonder around a part of the airfield where lo and behold, was parked numerous aircraft including a Chipmunk (I remember flying in them in the 60’s), a Gipsy Moth, A tiger Moth, a Leopard Moth, a Puss Moth (lots of Moths!) and a Flying Fortress. How I wish I’d been there to see the latter come in to land. And then of course was the rather nifty collection of spitfires. This was the clue to what would be my highlight: All Spitfires were ‘scrambled’ into action. To see ten, yes ten, Spitfires taking off and grouping to circle the circuit was, for me, awe inspiring and yes, just a bit emotional. Again, the sight and sound is something I’ll never forget, nor I count will any of those that were able to see and enjoy [I do know that many of the surrounding roads were littered with parked cars while the occupant simply stopped to get out and watch piece of history in the air].

All too soon however, the excitement of the days events got the better of me and I started to flag, so with great reluctance, we had to call it a day and head for home :-(, where we can at least start to plan for 2012. Check the Goodwood Web Site for details. Why not checkout the Facebook Pages as well.

NOTE: – I regret that my organisational skills, and old age, caused me to leave behind both my still camera and video camera so any images are taken from my iPhone with a broken screen (so I couldn’t see what I was filming very well).

Just a few random pictures 🙂 )

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