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This week, His Podgeness has been a very good boy. Not only did he improve in his new weekly mileage goal, but he also lost 1kg in body weight: That’s the equivalent of 4 packs of lard πŸ˜‹). More about that in a bit.

Over the last week, my four [virtual] challenges became five then dropped back to four. In addition to Lands End to John O’Groats (LeJog)], Rome to Home (R2H), 2020 (that’s 20202 miles during the year 2020) and the Great Ocean Road (GOR), I have now added Hadrian’s Wall (HW) though I’m walking this one by sneaking out unseen to walk round the fields out the back (Naughty Podge).

Over this past week, I’ve cycled just over 73 during which I managed to complete the Great Ocean Road (Good Podge) and have walked just over 3 illicit miles (Bad Podge) for my new Hadrian’s Wall challenge.

In respect of the lard reduction challenge, this last week has seen my weight drop to 92.4kg so that a whole kg of lard gone. My BMI has dropped 0.2% overall, my body-fat has dropped 0.4% and my water content has risen by 0.3%, all of which is good. So, it would seem that Podge is a Good Podge and on the right track to become an Old Codger rather then an Old Podger.

The reduction in anti-viral medication consumption may not be as great as it could be, especially as I discovered a 50% Proof Whiskey πŸ₯ƒ just in time for World Whiskey Day on Saturday but overall I still think:

Podge Done Good.

All rides on Bkool and reported through Strava.

All virtual challenges are tracked through  β€˜My Virtual Missionβ€˜ and challenges entered through The Conqueror Virtual Challenge site.

All rides are done in my garage as my GP has banged me up for a minimum of 12 weeks (reset to start from the 11th May 😭) due to having Codgers Old Puffing Disease (COPD Stage 3)  😒

Wish me luck.
Go Podge, Go.Β 

This past week has seen somewhat improvement in miles covered though not as great an improvement as I would have preferred as I did feel more than a little lethargic towards the end of the week, or was I just feeling lazy πŸ™„? That said however, I am still making good progress towards my virtual goals as the graphs below indicate.

The target for completing the three biggest challenges is by the end of the year though obviously if I can complete them earlier I will. The shortest challenge is only 149 miles with only 35 miles left to complete so that will be checked off during the coming week after which I’ll add another shorter trip. The idea of the shorter challenges is that they give me quick results alongside the longer ones and as such maintain motivation. Well, that’s what my mind tells me. πŸ˜‹

On the physical attributes front, this week my weight has dropped back down to just below my starting weight of 93.4 kg: It’s moving in the right direction but a long way from my target of 83.5 but, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. Body fat is going down, water composition is going up so hopefully, I’m doing something right: I’m guessing the reduction in anti-viral medication consumption is helping a little πŸ˜‚.

Yesterday, I managed 27 miles so things are getting better. Earlier in the year I struggled to a 3 mile ride. So, my new weekly mileage target is 70 miles a week, up from 30.

All rides on Bkool and reported through Strava.

All virtual challenges are tracked through  β€˜My Virtual Missionβ€˜ and challenges entered through The Conqueror Virtual Challenge site.

All rides are done my garage as my GP has banged me up for a minimum of 12 weeks due to me having Codgers Old Puffing Disease 😒

Wish me luck.
Go Podge, Go. πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

The end of week 2 of my Rome-2-Home virtual cycling challenge (week-4 of my 12 week isolation) I have managed to cover just 121 of 1198 miles. This virtual ride is being undertaken using MyVirtualChallenge and tracking a total of 4-challenges, these being: Lands End to John O’Groats, Rome-2-Home, Great Ocean Road and 2020 miles in a year. The image is a bit blurry so for next week I’ll try to create my own version.

I am rather pleased to report that last weeks mileage is an increase on the previous weeks and hopefully this will be the trend moving forward. Considering poor Podges lungs are less than 50% effective plus an arthritic hip and A-Fib, I may not be quite the athlete but I reckon I aint doing so bad πŸ˜‹

I did promise that as part of my parallel campaign to lose weight, I would also include some additional stats below. Unfortunately, this week hasn’t been so rewarding (in weight loss) as I would have hoped as, despite cycling 67+ miles I seem ti have put on weight. Poor Podge is so sad. 😦 

  • Weight: 93.8 Kg (+0.4kg 😞 )
    • Goal: 83.5Β 
  • BMI: 30..7 (+0.3 😞 )
    • Goal: 24Β 
  • Body Fat: 45.3% (+0.5 😞 )
    • Goal: 34%Β 
  • Body Water: 39.4% (-0.1 😞 )
    • Goal: 55%Β 

Having reviewed last weeks performance, I can only conclude that my weight gain is attributable to the antiviral medication 😷 that I’m taking; That’s wine, beer and gin but not all at once of course πŸ˜‹. So, moving forward, both Podge and Tubbs (aka Mrs Me) will only drink every other day thus reducing our intake by 50% and stop eating (nearly) all the stuff we like.

Podge is not only sad but be he’s also such a bad lad.

All rides are completed using BkoolΒ and reported throughΒ Strava

Go Podge, Go.

i watched, the other day, a programme entitled “Who Do You Think You Are”: The remit being to look back through the ancestor of notable celebrities. The star in question last week was Paul Hollywood who was taken on a journey back in time though concentrating on his Grandfather who had spent a significant time seeing active service during WWII. while this may not have been such a notable find, the journey he took proved to be [obviously] emotional for Paul.

This got me thinking:

I’ve watched a number of these ‘journeys’ many of which have revealed some amazing stories and notable ancestors. Yet through my Family Tree, all I had unearthed my 8 times great grandfather who was reported for carring a corpse! through Garstang in 1624 plus another (uncles great, great grandmother) who died in a lunatic asylum. But, I continued to dig and research and at last I found a 4th Baron (mind you, he was deemed guilty of treason and sentenced to death but was finally reprieved but lost his fortunes and title 😦 ). Yippee, at last, someone of note with entries in Wikipedia. From here, Wikipedia kind of eased the journey and I continued through the line until I found a link to the Duke of York.

Now obviously, this doesn’t mean I’m of noble birth, although many people say I’m a bit special – not sure what they mean by that though but, how cool to have baron, a viscount, even a duke in the family tree. Even more cool that they would appear to have been scurrilous scoundrels leading to time spent in The Tower and even possible execution.

Okay, okay, the nearest noble person, Baron William Widrington (4th), would appear to be my uncle 8 times removed but he appears to be in my tree and that will do for me. I do however need to check all links to make sure they’re sound (confidence is low) but for the time being, I’ll take what’s there and bask. πŸ™‚

What next?

Well, my next task will be to find more detail on the grave robber and the lunatic asylum – these, for some strange reason, seem to have a significant draw on my interest; and, confidence in the two is much higher.

In the meantime, if I find any more nobleness or even saints in the tree, be assured, I will tell all.

Seek Podge, Seek & Research

Mrs Me Tries a New Tack

Posted: March 29, 2015 in general
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OK, I know I said that my next post was to be about Devils Island or Crossing the Line but the weekend saw an incident that wasn’t that worrying but the subsequent comment was priceless.

Walking back through Newbury, Mrs Me and and I were laden with shopping backs containing easter stuff, food studs, Mrs Me purchases, as always, and drugs for Podge (all legal of course). As we approached the car across the car park I heard a sudden yell and a crash: as I looked around I saw Mrs Me hitting the ground with a real thump and the shopping being scattered asunder. People came from all corners to check that Mrs Me was OK, offering to help carry her shopping to her car but, in her normal stoic way, she declared herself fine, thanked those who came to help and we made our way to the car.

Mrs Me seemed ok thought battered but, having satisfied myself that there was nothing broken except pride, we fired up Mrs Me’s Ford Asbo and headed for home.

I asked how she was, “I’m fine” she said; “My feet just slid out from beneath me. My shoes must have slippery soles”. then after a short pause she declared:

I think I need some new shoes, when are we next going to Russell & Bromley.

That’s one tack I haven’t been hit by before. πŸ™‚

Mrs Me is obviously ok…….