Aalborg, Denmark (NOT Aalburg, a municipality in the Netherlands), is an industrial and university city in North Jutland. The city of Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark by population. The city spreads along either side of the Limfjord which is crossed either by bridge or tunnel. For our part, we parked on the Southern Side, predictably at the port. The one thing I found most interesting is that we were effectively parked next to the main road which tended to cause the early morning commuters to slow and look up at our ship. I even spotted a group of cyclists pull up and have a photo taken of themselves with the ship in the background: well, why not?

Across the other side of the road was an interesting building which turned out to be Aalborghus Castle, though it didn’t look like any castle I knew. We didn’t however have too much time to explore as we had booked ourselves on a trip  which was filed as a City Tour, the highlights of which were a visit to Linholm Hoje (a Viking site just outside the city) and the Aalborg Distilleries, where they make some extremely strong and rather interesting alcoholic beverages: I was looking forward to that bit.

I don’t know what what I was expecting when we arrived at Linholm Hoje and I’m not sure I know now. When got there we had a nice walk through a wooded area up a hill until we reached the top and came out onto a large open grassland area being grazed by sheep. The field itself was ‘littered’ by rock’s laid out in various patterns.

These ‘rocks’ were actually sites of Warrior Graves. This burial site was in use from about AD400 until shortly after AD1000, so it was quite old but in use for along time (600 years).

Property of Podgethepuffer. Unauthorised use is VERY naughty.

After leaving Linholm Hoje, we headed for what I assumed was the distilleries. But oh no, first we had to go into town to view the Monastery of the Holy Ghost and Aalborg Cathedral. It was however well worth the visit. Both were beautiful as hopefully the photos will show.

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As usual, after dinner, we went to see the show before retiring to the Observatory for some well earned brandy. Another day down, with just one more country to conquer. We are doing well, yet a feeling of sadness as our adventures were moving towards their conclusion.

As for weight loss, well, with only a couple of days left, I’m probably not going to achieve much now but what the heck, I’m on holiday……


  1. Did you visit the Distilleries? 🙂


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