First of all, let’s be clear,  the updates for the remainder of this adventure are being written, post event, that is to say after we returned home. I make no apologies for this. I was just having too darned good a time. Also, airtime while abroad and especially on a ship is ludicrously expensive and I’m trying to to be frugal. :-)

After yet another night on the flattest seas ever, we arrived at Copenhagen conscious that we had been stupid enough to book an early start excursion. Even though we had the luxury of putting the clocks back an hour so getting an extra hours sleep, we had failed to capitalise on this and so stayed up an extra hour instead. So, breakfast at 07:30 when on holiday was a chore but hey, us adventurers laugh at such hardships.

The excursion was to view the Little Mermaid, some Palace and then onto Tivoli Gardens.

IMG_0287  IMG_0288 IMG_0289

The statue of The Little Mermaid sits on a rock in the harbour of the capital of Denmark. Based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the small and unimposing statue is a Copenhagen icon and a major tourist attraction. [/source] The poor little mermaid has been the subject of numerous attacks of vandalism including having her dead sawn off twice, one arm chopped off, one failed attempt to cut off her head but left a deep cut to the neck: She has had paint thrown over her and she has even be blown off the rock by dynamite [it is believed]. Why!

After checking that she remains intact and buying the inevitable souvenir statue we moved on the Amalienborg Palace.

Amalienborg Palace is the winter home of the Danish royal family (we never saw them). It consists of four identical classicizing palace façades with rococo interiors around an octagonal courtyard (Amalienborg Slotsplads); in the center of the square is a monumental equestrian statue of Amalienborg’s founder, King Frederick V.

Amalienborg was originally built for four noble families; however, when Christiansborg Palace burnt down on 26 February 1794, the royal family bought the palaces and moved in. Over the years various kings and their families have resided in the four different palaces. 1 The palace seems to be guarded by Trumpton Town Guards. Mind you they have a loud shout if you dare to sit on a doorstep of the Palace. Very Scary.

IMG_0295  IMG_0298  IMG_0301 - Copy

Then, it was off to Tivoli Gardens. Debbie had been really looking forward to this visit as, she said, they were beautiful and just had to be seen to be believed: Seeing as she had never been there I felt she was being a little ambitious but had no reason to doubt her. I’m sure therefore that you can imagine our concern when we were told that the gardens, and Copenhagen for that matter, had endure the most torrential rain and subsequent flooding just 48 hours before and as such some of the gardens will not be at their best.  What the tour brochure failed to highlight however was that Tivoli Gardens was also a bloomin theme park with noisy adrenalin rides, etc..

IMG_0356 IMG_0358

Deep Joy!

That said however, the gardens were quite photogenic and lets face it, no one can control the weather, though I’m not sure about them surly Russians Smile. We had a couple of hours during which we were able to explore the whole site and get some good photos: We even had the opportunity to listen to a band playing the bandstand.

IMG_0318  IMG_0323  IMG_0324


IMG_0355  IMG_0359  IMG_0364

By the end of the tour we were all pretty much ready for the return coach ride to the Ship. The trip back was pretty uneventful except for the sight of a police car with lights and sirens cutting through dense traffic by using the special cycle lanes (Denmark caters for cycling unlike back home). Now, remembering the floods of 48-hours ago, many of the buildings were still pumping water out of flooded basements onto the road.  Inevitably, these created rather large puddles which the Police Car just had to go through at speed, seemingly oblivious to fact that he promptly sent most of the water back down into the basement covering two pedestrians as well. Naturally, we never found it funny at all (how childish).  Eventually however we reached the port and subsequently the ship.


On boarding the ship, we headed straight for our cabins to leave our bags and purchases and headed for the top deck by the pool where I was once again tempted by those nice little ladies from the bar to a nice cold San Miguel followed by a large Gin & Tonic – Nice. Best of all, we had boarded in time for afternoon tea of a variety of rolls and sandwiches and cakes and ice cream: But then we had had no lunch so felt justified and ‘digging in’. All to soon, the day started to enter its closing phase and mutated into evening. This signalled the time for Brandy while getting ready for Dinner. Which, as usual was faultless with some of the best food (as always) on offer. Better still, tonight’s offering included Mixed Grill [dig in Podge] – Nice.  Desert options as usual were scrumptious, but, I had to lose weight, so again I opted for a Sorbet. All of this was accompanied by rather a nice Sancerre and after dinner coffee but no port this time Sad smile.

As usual, after dinner, we went to see the show before retiring to the Observatory for some well earned brandy. Another day down, another country conquered. I / we felt satisfied.

As for weight loss, what the heck, I’m on holiday……

Go To Aalborg >>>>

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