After a night sailing on what must be the flattest sea known to mankind, we sailed into Tallinn just in time for Breakfast. As we approached the port, I got his feeling that this was going to be a happy place. I don’t know why, I just did. Things did darken a bit however the the Holland – America Eurodam ‘block of flats’ Cruise Ship parked right next to us. Why is it that wherever we go, we are followed by foreigners?

IMG_0524 IMG_0525

This morning did however find both Debbie’s Mum and I feeling tired and listless. We were both down to visit the Kadriorg Palace just outside of Tallinn itself while Debbie and Nick were to enjoy the Wildlife Treasures of Estonia. Debbie felt that her Mum and I wouldn’t be able to cope with the Wildlife tour on account of our advancing years and frailty(!) On reflection she was probably right as neither actually felt up to the Palace Trip and so we both opted to take a rest and stay on board.

Even though I didn’t visit the Palace, I can still say a bit about it. The Palace is an exceptional example of Baroque architecture  with an outstanding main hall decorated with superb stucco work and ceiling paintings as a primary but not only feature. The Palace itself used to be a residence of Peter the Great. The name Kadriorg means Catherine’s Valley  being named after Catherine I. Used as a summer residence, it was visited by most of the Russian Rulers. These days however, the Palace acts as a home for the Western & Russian Art Museum: I wish I’d gone now.

Debbie and Nick arrived back from the Wildlife Adventure absolutely full of it, saying that it was probably the best trip they had been on, even better than Rasputin. This really didn’t make me feel any better about missing the Palace. Apparently, they walked through forests, over peat bogs and onto a nice lunch stop which they’re still going on about now. Nick tried the local alcohol free bread based beer but was denounced as horrible buy both Nick & Debbie (tee hee) before they strolled down to the beach for a while before heading back and disappearing into a local market.

While they were away, Peggy and I did manage to stroll into town if only to say that we had at least visited Tallinn / Estonia where we also visited a local market where, like Debbie, we managed to purchase yet more essential items (Fridge Magnets, Tourist books, etc) to take home.

The one thing we did notice was the smiles and happiness about the place and how welcoming everybody seemed.

All too soon however, the time came for us to leave Tallinn. This meant another sail away party, though this time, there was no dunking, though still much drinking. Before we could leave however, the Eurodam, fully of jolly foreigners, had to depart. Naturally we cheered her on her way with much waving of Union Jacks and much singing of patriotic songs lead by our very own bass-baritone Anthony Stuart Lloyd.

 IMG_0271 IMG_0276 IMG_0274

As soon they had left, we realised just how much they had been shielding us from the wind when a large number of parasols went flying along with flags and hats. Ah well, at least we had seen off another ship.

And so, it was our turn to sail away with a party atmosphere something akin to Last Night of the Proms mixed with that of a Great British Knees Up.

IMG_0281 IMG_0283 IMG_0282

And so, Debbie and I headed back to our cabin to prepare for Dinner (tonight was a formal night so we had to wear our posh frocks (Debbie) and DJ’s (me) which would require some preparation). On the way however, we met the couple we had been sharing our evening Dinner Table with, who invited us to stay and have some Gin & Tonic first. Well, why not. So we did, and very soon afterwards, Debbie was a giggly little girl again: Uh Oh.

We eventually made ourselves ready and so off we went for Dinner and fizzy pop. This was when Jerry admitted to being on a previous cruise when the Eurodam had ‘parked’ next door and he became confused at how many same sex couples there seemed to be coming off the [Eurodam] ship until it was pointed out to him that it had been chartered in its entirety by the gay community. Poor Jerry. He became so worried when it turned up again this morning. But then, every ship has it’s peculiarities!

After dinner, we had to endure, sorry, enjoy dog racing which seems to have hooked Debbie, her mum and Nick, before retiring to the Observatory for some well earned brandy safe in the knowledge that yet again, we could put the clocks back an hour.

Still not weight loss. But, there’s still time. :-) Isn’t there

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  1. Love the photos of the Tallinn sail away – can I use them on my soon to be website? and did you get any footage of the sail away by any chance or know of anyone who did? All the best – I don’t know your name or maybe I haven’t looked close enough on your web.




    • Anthony,

      I’m afraid I didn’t get any footage I’m afraid.. Feel free to use the pictures though: The sail away was one of the best.

      Everyone calls me Podge though my real name is Kevin Stirzaker, or Kev.



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