Devils Island

As per the previous page, the plan was to do a ‘Sail by’ of Devils Island. Personally, I would have preferred to have landed on and actually visited the Island: The last time I was I made it to the jetty, saw lots of what I think were baby sharks and then had to return to the ship because of a worsening migraine (or was it a hang over Mr Podge?).

Looking at the sea state however, I’m rather glad we didn’t try to land as the waves were a bit bouncy and the only way ashore is via tender – I hate tendering.

The phrase ‘Drive By’ is an often used / heard phrase though normally related to bad deeds. Well on the Adonia we were treated to a ‘Cruise By’ of Devils Island – home to the perpetrators of bad deeds: Devils Island was previously used as a French Penal Colony (until 1953) for really naughty people (murderers, political embarrassment, constant escapees, etc.). The islands, there’s three altogether, look like idyllic tropical islands but I doubt the naughty people shared the same thoughts. I so desperately wanted to get onto these islands but the sea state was such that a ‘Cruise By’ was all we would be able manage. As we approached the islands on our starboard side (that’s the right hand side for non seafaring people) and just about every passenger [awake] clamoured for the best spot from which to take photos. You’re truly was stuck at the back, temporarily, but, under the authoritative direction of Mrs. Me, I did manage to worm my way forward. But then, my sea going skills, possibly just guesswork, worked out that the boat would not be able to continue all the way round the islands, on its current course, and that she would have to turn around and come back with the Islands to the port side (on the left) and with this new found knowledge I instructed (I know, I was taking my life into my own hands here), but yes, ‘I instructed’ Mrs. Me to accompany me back the cabin: “not at this time of the day she said” with a worried look: or was it a look of horror? “No” I said, and then I explained that from our balcony we would have grandstand seats from which to view the islands. Finally she agreed but only after the promise of a large gin & tonic with ice and lemon. From there I was able to take some photos. Unfortunately with overcast weather the views and therefore the photo’s weren’t that inspiring but, they give a general view nevertheless. – There aren’t that many pictures of the Island as, let’s face it, from the side of the ship, there isn’t really a lot to see.

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