A Night at the Opera


Nice day to go boating

The last time Tubbs and Podge had been to the opera in Verona in 2011. Back then, Podge had surprised Tubbs with the trip having secretly arranged here leave from work with her boss. The trip was for her 50th birthday and included a trip to the Opera to see Aida plus a speedboat trip across Lake Garda proceeded by Lunch at a nice restaurant by the side of the lake.That trip was a success except for the bat trip which was cancelled due to bad weather. This saddened Podge as the boat trip was all part of big surprise and so felt the trip was incomplete.

The boat ride could easily have been remedied by simply returning to Verona over a weekend when the weather was fine but that would have been too easy and not in keeping with Podge’s style.

Five years later and it was becoming apparent that this was the year that both of Tubbs’s boys, Matt and Nick, would be flying the nest next and creating their own homes and lives. Podge knew that Tubbs would be saddened by these events: Happy for the boys as they begin their new lives but saddened that they will no longer be home to care for. Podge had to do something; Podge had to mark the occasion but how!

Lake Garda was the answer