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February 2018

Cruise #38 – Regent – Voyager (Captain – Felice Patruno)

Newts Cruise

Why this cruise? Well, this has a long and interesting story behind it starting with our initial booking with Regent for a cruise around the med in 2015. Unfortunately, this had to be delayed due to ongoing problems with my heart. The booking was therefore switched to a cruise from Miami to San Francisco over Christmas 2016. Just before then, however, our first Grandson (Max) arrived. This did bring much joy to Mrs Me, and me of course but then it dawned on us: We would be away for Max’s first Christmas. Mrs Me could not bear such a thought and so we looked at switching the aforementioned cruise(s) once more. Unfortunately, Ts&Cs being what they are, switching a second time was really not possible. His Podgeness being what he is, threw himself open to Regent explaining the background and asked that if we could move to a longer more expensive cruise then perhaps they would say Yes. It wasn’t straightforward but eventually, they said yes and His Podgness was a happy man. After much searching, a cruise from Singapore to Sydney with a chance to visit Komodo Island and the dragons (Podge will say no more on the subject of dragons 🙂 ) was a perfect choice. So we did. So we went. Numbers won’t be discussed but save to say that the final cost was 2.5 times greater than the original.  But, it was truly worth every penny.

The two plucky adventurers were sure to have a lovely and exciting time as they were set to explore Komodo Island in search of Komodo Dragons, seek out jumping crocodiles from Darwin, and explore the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns: it’s such a pity His Podgeness can’t swim but, hey ho. For someone scared of water he seems to spend a lot of time on it 🙂


August 2018

Cruise #39 – P&O – Azura – (Captain – ???)

Family Cruise

Why this cruise? Well, when Max (see above) was born, Mrs Me declared that she couldn’t wait to take him on a cruise but recognised that he ought to at least 2-years old. Also, at the end of the year, His Podgeness would be retiring and it seemed an ideal time for all the family to go away together just one more time, while Podge could afford it (just). The family would, therefore, consist of His Podgness, The Duchess, her two boys plus significant other halves, Master Max, and for completeness, Mother-in-Law!