Stop over before joining Seven Seas Voyager…

Both Tubbs and I were so looking forward to going back to Singapore: It had been 4-years since our last visit when we finished off our wedding cruise on the Arcadia.

The trip started at Heathrow where we joined a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800, a great big double-decker: take it from Podge, this is one lovely aircraft. Although flying has never been a favourite pastime for poor Podge, I have to say that the flight in this baby has to be the best, and even enjoyable, flight yet experienced, made all the better by flying in premium rather than in economy.

Funny isn’t it! Podge actually hates flying: Podge Can’t swim: Podge is actually scared of the water, which is probably why he can’t swim and yet he seems to crave endless trips away onboard ships, even if it means he has to fly to join said ships. And yes, he did try to join the Royal Navy, and the Royal Airforce yet, despite all his efforts to hide facts, the bastards still found out he had breathing issues and wouldn’t let him in: To this day, he still reminisces his days in 2260 Air Cadet squadron: Maybe, just maybe, one day he’ll write about those days.

One of the things we do like to do, en route, is spot other passengers who are probably coming on the same cruise. We quickly agreed that most of the occupants in our (premium) cabin were most likely fellow cruisers and we were, as it turned out, quite correct. And so it was that as we all left the airport, we all joined up to meet our transportation to the hotel. By this time we were feeling very, very tired and looked forward to reaching our hotel (The Fairmont).

Poor Podge & Tubbs had been up since 05:00 on Wednesday and laned at Singapore at 08:00 on Thursday. By the time they go to their rooms in the afternoon (14:00) they were pretty much done in but then, they are getting on a bit 🙂

Having finally reached our room and checked we had all out luggage (6-suitcases, one camera bag and of course The Duchess’s satchel/handbag) we were both feeling thirsty and hungry yet we were also very tired but then I recalled our last visit to Singapore and discovering Hooters and felt the need to visit again.

One day, His Podgeness will recognise, accept and act his age!





7 queues



Next Stop – Jakarta