Bike Fest

Check out the pages for the bikes that have worked their way through my grubby little paws over the years.

A Bike Tree?

Unauthorised use of this image is VERY naughty. @ Podgethepuffer

Bikes I’ve had:

Raliegh Hercules My first School Bike
Falcon Black Diamand My first real bike & first love!: Got nicked from a holiday camp.
Raleigh Activator (big mistake)
Raleigh M-Trax Ti 1000 With Rock Shox no less: Can’t remember what happened to it.
Raleigh Dynatech 405i
Raleigh Dynatech 700i My first bike with STi Gear Changers
Fondriest Alu My introduction to exotica bikes
Raleigh Chopper Failed Project
Colnago Dream My Bling Bike 🙂
Specialized Langster Bought it, rode it, sold it, want it back 😦
Ribble Scuro RS WAS my My Stealth Bike 🙂
Cannondale R800 Stolen in Le Havre by some French git 😦
Giant OCR3 Rebound from the loss of my Cannondale
De Rosa Tango The New Stealth
Specialized Roubaix Elite Lovely bike: Triple Set Up 🙂 – Gone…
Colango C59 or maybe a C60 !!! Not really: But it’s going to be my next bike, maybe.
Colango Super (Fixie) A luverly classic bike which I never rode, sold, and wish I hadn’t. 😦
Other bikes that have been through my grubby little mitts:
Rocky Mountain Now Matt’s
Giant OCR (650) Small bike built for Master Nicholas
Specialized Allez Matt’s
Ribble Nero Corsa Matts
Colnago Prima Nick’s
Colnago EPS Matt’s
Colnago Extreme Power Nick’s
Colnago Freedom Debbies / Mine
PS: I like Colnago Bikes. I’m still looking for a 56c Colnago Spiderman Frame.My ultimate has to be a Ferrari Colnago.


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