Big Rides

Back in the last Millennium, I was perfectly content going out for 20, 30, 40 mile rides and taking on such challenges as cycling to Paris and back. I took the latter challenge to be my annual medical: If I got back home ok, then I must have passed. Not sure if my Vet ever quite saw it that way mind you. However, as the years passed by and the Millennium clocked over one more time, something stirred within me. I was approaching 50 at an alarming rate and I needed to prove to myself that I could still do the things that I really should have done when I was younger. The desire to undertake epic cycle challenges was on. The very first ride was Bilbao to home, crossing the Pyrenees on the way. The ride was dubbed ‘The Pair’o’Knees Ride’: Clever eh?

And so, on the came. The ideas got grander bit I got older But I still believe I have one more Epic Ride in me. I had always planned to do the Rome to Home ride but never did. But be assured of this. I will do it, one way or another.

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