Day 4

After the ordeals of the previous two days, the riders opted for a late start. For breakfast, they consumed, as they had on the previous mornings, copious amounts of their own personal stash of peanut butter. After packing up, servicing all the bikes and drying all out gear in the sunshine, which had re-appeared overnight the intrepid five eventually hit the road at 11:00 and headed for Biganos. The route was generally flat although there were a couple of hills, which caught them out. The only other notable event was that of being chased by the most ferocious looking canine Baskerville escapee. Poor old Podge was cycling uphill through a small village. Either side of the road was lined with high (12 ft) walls. The sound of a dog barking could be heard but the beast couldn’t be seen. Warily, Podge looked up at the top of both walls to no avail. Then something made him look down at the pedals. Never has such a large, ugly, mean looking brute been seen without the assistance of hallucinatory compounds. It was believed to be a cross between a Labrador, a Rotweiller and a horse, all possessed by Beelzebub. All Podge could do was stop and in his loudest available voice, say to it ‘GO AWAY’ or words along that vein. Anyway, as luck would have it, the ‘beast’ ran off into a nearby farmyard where he was last seen being severely beaten by the local farmer. Naturally, an urgent stop was required at the next bar to allow all, especially Podge, to recover.


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