Day 6

Today started with a five-mile ride along the sea front to catch a ferry from Pointe De Grave. It was here that the support crew managed to master the Video Camera (pity the Pyrenees are behind us). It was also today when the Espace developed a very unsavoury knock when pulling off in 1st gear. Still no problem, we’ve left the mountains so they can just use 2nd to pull off in. Today was also the day when we could find no hotels and Hobbit and Podge were developing unstable tummies (still they have drugs for that). As darkness was falling we managed to direct support to look at a town called Niort. With the help of a local hotel in Secondigy (referred to as Sigourney Weaver) they managed to phone ahead and book us all into a Logis hotel. All we had to do now was find it. It took riders and support about an hour each to find the hotel but only after phoning them and asking them to send out an escort to lead us in. And what an escort she was. Marko, Reg the Hedge, Hobbit and even yours truly, the Podge managed to outrun Maggie and The Support Van trying to keep up with her little VW Polo. Dinner that evening was in a good old traditional French Buffalo Grill. They even had tomato sauce.

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