Day 7

By comparison, day 7 was uneventful. The knocking in the Espace was definitely getting worse (why they didn’t stop using 1st I shall never know).  On the way to the lunch stop in “Sigourney Weaver”, which was preceded by about 20 miles of hills and plateaus, Podge’s back wheel started to make all sorts of creaking sounds. It was helpfully suggested that thus might be something to do with my weight. Naturally, I didn’t accept this. Anyway, the wheel needed to be stripped down, oiled and greased and rebuilt. Despite the support crew going astray, they did manage to book us into the Hotel Splendide in Montreuil-Bellay.

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If ever you get a chance to go there, then you must: it is so picturesque. The pictures are taken from the hotel, not of the hotel.

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