The ‘Fondue’ Ride

Montpellier to Paris

(Challenge 2003)

Date Depart Arrive Approximate Distance
Miles Kilometers
01st July Gatwick Montpellier

Loads, but all by air.

02nd July Montpellier Carpentras 86 138
03rd July Carpentras Bollene (via Mont Ventoux) 62 100
04th July Bollene Epinouze 90 144
05th July Epinouze St Germain Lavale 77 125
06th July St Germain Lavale Geuegnon 65 104
07th July Geuegnon La Charite-sur-Loire 75 121
08th July La Charite-sur-Loire Amilly 74 119
09th July Amilly Paris 65 104
10th July Paris Rouen 85 137
11th July Rouen Le Havre 75 121
12th July Ferry Port Hayling Island 30 50
Total 784 1263

The Team

This image is the property of Podgethepuffer. Unauthorised use is VERY naughty.

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