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When I booked the Grand Event Cruise on the Oceana (sailing on the 3rd July 2012 to the Fiords [in Norway Smile ) there were:

467 sleeps to go:

Now however, there are just:

11 more sleeps to go;
11 more sleeps to cruising;
11 more sleeps till the big fella gets on that boat,
with his bird and her boy;
11 more sleeps to cruising.

The packing has started.

New toothbrush; new toothpaste; new razors; new deodorant; new cologne; new wash bag.
Camera prepped and charged and nice shiny new memory card installed.

My adventures will [of course] be recorded on my blog at: –

Until then however, I’m going to bore you all with The Grand Event Countdown every day. Winking smile