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Lets Go See the Sea!

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all those that sent me birthday greetings. A special day was made all the more special by you all. So once more, a really big thank you.

Also, let me say that from here on in, any updates from me will be sporadic or less frequent. This is in part because I’ll be in those post birthday blues :-(, partly because there is only one more port of call :-(, and partly because we are in the final few days of our cruise 😦 :-(. But, I remain cheerful. How can one not remain cheerful on a P&O Cruise and especially on a cruise on the Oceana.

Anyway, today was our last day in the Canaries (boo) :-(, but also, my birthday :-), and for our last day we visited Lanzarote. We’d been to Lanzarote before wen we took the opportunity to visit the Fire Mountain and the lava fields, both stunning locations and well worth a visit. But, as we’d been there before, and because it was my birthday, we elected to do our own thing and wonder ashore at our leisure, after a late lazy breakfast. But, not before I had opened my cards and present, a lovely MacBook Air: Ooh, it’s so lovely; just like a baby iMac. Mrs Me has been good to me. I also got a very nice card from the Captain withe some rather lovely chocolates that lasted about 30 seconds.

As was our breakfast lazy, so was out stroll into town: we took the shuttle bus. As it turned out, the journey was less than half a mile (had we known that, we would have walked it) and not surprisingly ended right next to another blooming market which pleased Mrs Me, as usual. Why is that as soon as she, and so many other Mrs Others, sees a market there is an insatiable urge to seek out something they ‘need’ and buy it? Fortunately, the market only consisted of a couple of dozen stalls so we soon got through to the other side, having made the obligatory purchase of one scarce (she has many such items). It was then but a short walk across a couple of bridges across the water inlets from the sea (even on land I can’t get away from sea) and onwards to the ‘town centre’.

It wasn’t long before I decided that I didn’t like the town of Arrecife. I’m sorry guys but I really didn’t like it at all; it gave a very poor representation of Lanzarote. Realising my dislike, Mrs Me suggested we went over to the fort, “you might be able to see the sea” she said. “oh goody” said I, “that’s just want I want, to see the sea: After all, being on a ship for over a week sailing the seas I haven’t actually seen much sea”. Although I’m sure she realised the stupidity of what she said, I still got a thick ear and was made to go looking at naff shops for 20 more minutes before I was allowed to head back, via a bar, actually, a very nice bar with a very nice little waitress. Just don’t tell Mrs Me I said that other wise, I’ll get another thick ear.

Back on the ship, Mrs suggested that as it was my birthday, she would treat me to a special lunch in Marco Pierre White’s Cafe Jardin. What I didn’t know what that it was all a ploy to prevent me having food I liked such as chips. It didn’t get much better when I poked the corner of the menu straight into my eye; but they still wouldn’t let me have chips. I had to make do with a Panini with, wait for it, salad. Obviously, a nice glass of Rioja was permitted, which was nice.

Come evening it was time for dinner. On entering the dining room, many waiters waiter greeted me with a ‘Happy Birthday’. Our table was easy to spot. It was the one with balloons hanging over it. Actually, there were quite a few tables with balloons having above. Clearly, November 21st is a good birth day. Anyway, my lovely table companions, now good friends had sought out some appropriate cards for me although the one of a camp looking wine waiter on the front worried me a bit. Did they think I was camp, or liked wine? I really don’t know. I do like wine though.

After dinner, all, and I mean ‘all’ the waiters came over to sing happy birthday to which most of the restaurant joined in followed closely by a lovely birthday cake (sponge cake, with icing of course). This I selflessly shared with my dining colleagues as I was more than a little bit full. Then, it was off to the bar for a bed-time drink in the Yacht & Compass bar where my new girl friends (bar tender and waitress of course) were waiting wish me a happy birthday and shower me with birthday hugs and kiss’s. Actually all I got was a peck on the cheek. and then, to add insult to injury, she rationed my drinks, in cahoots with Mrs Me of course; I’m so picked on, it just isn’t fair.

The end of day came all to soon at a quarter past midnight, we retired to our quarters for an ‘early’ night as our next stop would be Lisbon, although this was two nights and a days sailing away. So until then, all we would see would be sea. Thank goodness i didn’t go to the fort.

The Big Six O

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Cruising, P&O, Travel
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Slight re-write of previous years 🙂

On this day, 60 years previous, the most beautiful bouncing baby boy was born to what must have been the proudest parents in the land. And those parents did look down upon their new son and did gaze in wonderment at how beautiful their new child was. Looking down upon him they had an overpowering feeling that this boy was going to grow into a most wonderful man who would bring great joy, not only to his family but also to everybody that would have the pleasure of meeting and knowing him, and rightly, both parents were proud. So proud, they couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.

Meanwhile, in the bed opposite were two equally new parents looking down on their new baby boy (who was crying with all the effort he could muster) and with tears running down their cheeks they thought, ‘God, that boy is beautiful, but look at ours! Not bad for a first attempt I suppose but we’d better try again, I’m sure we can do better and anyway, this one will never make old bones.

Ha ha, today I fooled them all and proved them wrong. Yes, today is indeed my birthday and yes, I was indeed that ‘other’ child and yes, I have made Old Bones, for today, I AM 60 YEARS OLD. See, I knew I could exceed all expectations.

Free Prescriptions at last. 🙂

I’ve recently been talking with a respiratory friend of mine who says that milk is bad, really bad. In fact all dairy products are bad. [This conversation was brought about by my recent bout of chest infections and my sulky reference to how COPD sucks :-)] She told me that I must give up all dairy products if I wanted to help my lungs and get back out cycling. Now, my problem is that I like my breakfast cereals and they need milk; I like coffee and that ‘needs’ milk; I like tea, custard, chocolate, cream cakes, hot chocolate with whipped cream; I like it all but it was not being able to have my the breakfast cereals that really hurt me. It was suggested that I tried Soya Milk: Well, I’ve tried that stuff before and I’m not trying it again. So, in desperation I asked my friendly respiratory lady if using lactose free milk will be a good alternative. Her response was very sternly thus:

Lactose free is just as bad, sadly – it’s the cows’ milk protein as well as the lactose that causes many problems.

Lactose is a milk sugar that we don’t produce an enzyme for after infancy (lactase). No other mammal drinks the milk of another species – they are not designed to and neither are we.

Cows’ milk protein contains bovine lactalbumin a and b that we also don’t have enzymes for and cannot digest. What happens is that it leaks through, undigested into our bloodstream where it shouldn’t be (because of leaky gut – hence the Saffron* also helps to prevent this) and your bloodstream and immune system treat this protein like an invading bacteria (because it is labelled Cow, not Human) and attacks it, usually having been primed to do so in infancy.

Giving babies (especially our generation, but it is still bad today) cow based formula sensitises us to CMP when our guts are immature. Babies’ gut walls are designed to be leaky, to let all those good white blood cells and antibodies through into the bloodstream, that we should have been getting from our mummies. Giving cow, soya, wheat (rusks), corn based foods younger than 4-6 months sensitises babies to these foods; gives them food and other allergies and makes them ill because their immune systems start fighting them instead of viruses and bacteria.

Hence the reason why I am also a qualified Lactation Consultant in my spare time, helping women who are struggling to bre*st feed.

Most of us (around 70%) covertly react to cows’ milk protein, because we were bottle fed or given formula in hospital at a very early stage, even if human-fed the rest of the time.

It is at the root of most of the chronic diseases of the western world; asthma, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

* I had been previously recommended to drink Saffron Tea

She also told me to breath the fumes of Calvados, and even drink it as well 🙂 as the fumes have been shown to kill off TB Bacteria. I haven’t got TB but I’m more than happy to go with this last one and, given the sternness of the response and my needing to get back on my bike, and breath well of course, I decided to go for it and cut out dairy products. I’ve cut out all milk related products altogether and today is the last day of the first week without milk. How do I feel? Effin Brilliant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready to run a marathon, nor am I ready for any significant cycling but after the past 6-weeks I am genuinely feeling so much better.

From a dietary perspective it hasn’t been that much of a challenge although splitting up with breakfast cereals was probably the real wrench. For a few days, I replaced these with sausage and egg rolls (yummy) but this can’t continue so it will be toast & jam from now on and maybe fruit but definitely no milk.

Next week, I shall start out on the turbo trainer (indoor cycling) to start to get my legs moving and stretch my lungs and go from there. I’m not going to rush but I’m still targeting next years the 2014 Remembering D-Day Cycle Challenge.

Another bloody good reason for sorting myself out is that I’ll be 60 next year and I’m not ready to start being old, though the ‘Victor Meldrew’ part of being old does have it’s attractions. 😉

As for COPD, well, it still sucks and I still challenge the diagnosis, even though I know they [the doctors] are probably right.

Must keep pedalling: Must keep pedalling.