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First of all, a big Well Done to Nick ‘The Mole Man’ for completing his first 10k run, and finishing with the first 10%. Brilliant job. Also, a big well done to Matt for finishing in the top 10 in his cycle race yesterday. Clearly, both boys have far too much energy 🙂
Anyway, at the end of last week we received an update on the planning and preparations for our forthcoming cruise on the Oceana, which is one of the seven P&O cruises departing on the 3rd of July. The day will a celebration of P&O’s 175 years in being: all 7 ships will depart Southampton on the 3rd an convoy. This in itself will be spectacular but now they (P&O) have raised the bar. By way of an escort (albeit briefly), the Red Arrows will be there as well. There are of course other things going on but for me, the Red Arrows, is just the biz.
Then of course, they raise the bar once more as The Princess Royal will also be present to view us all as we sail away. So, I’m reeeeeelly excited now. I just can’t wait so here’s my little ditty as part of the build up:

50 more sleeps to go,
50 more sleeps to Cruising,
50 more sleeps till the big fat fella
Gets on that boat,
With his bird and her boy,
50 more sleeps to Cruising
Woo Hoo

Norway, here we come.
Go Podge, Go.