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Tom Mix – Tom’s tricks – Chopsticks – In a fix – Number 6.

In tts form the number 6 is a continuous curve without angle, without line. It is the total love. It is almost spiral, it is on the point of going towards the infinity.

6 is also the number of the indecision and the choice that is required.

6 is also the number of jars in which the water was transformed into wine by Jesus at the wedding of Cana.

But, as you’ll probably have guessed, to His Podgeness, 6 represents:

6 more sleeps to go,
6 more sleeps to cruising,
6 more more sleeps till the fat big feller Gets on that boat,
With his bird, and her boy,
6 more sleeps to cruising

I’m so excited, I could just sing:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is His Podgeness
Welcoming you aboard the A34 Express,
To Southampton Cruise Terminal,
We will be driving at one heck of a rate of knots,
Though at a ground speed not greater than 70 miles per hour,
Refreshments will be served at Hedge End, so;
Kindly tie up your safety belts,
Sit back and settle into the state of great joy & happiness, cos: –

Whooo, I’m going to The Fiord’s;
Whooo, I’m crossing the Great North Sea;
Whooo, I’m going there with me girl friend;
Whooo, a Cruising we’ll all be.

I don’t want to be a Commuter all my life;
I’ve seen too much of Railways, day and night;
So, sail away on P&O Cruise Lines;
I’ll dump the car, so take me far;

I look all around, and I see seven ships sent,
It looks like being one Grand Event
Lets sail away on P&O Cruise Lines;
I’ll dump the car, so take me far;

Whooo, I’m going to The Fiord’s.
Yada Yada

I’m floundering now, the excitements getting to me….. Oooooooooohhhh.