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Wot, no power?

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Rant
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So, here we all are, watching the street, waiting for the second half go BGT (I know, how sad are we?) when the power goes off. Bugger we all say, and up I get to switch it back on: nothing: bugger I say, it’s a proper power cut. Quick check down the street and yep, no power any where. So, I get the candles fired while Debbie phones the Electricity Company. Oh yes they say, we know: they’re cutting down some branches so they’ve switched the power off (21:30!). Hmm I thought how kind of them to let us know. They did offer to phone us when the power comes back on though. It should be back by 02:00. Passed on the phone update. All went to bed.
Anybody know who went through on BGT?
I’ll have an early night then.
Night night Podge.