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40 Miles in the Saddle

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Cycling
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Yes, that’s right. Yesterday I managed 40 miles on the Turbo Trainer and felt good, really good. Last weeks total mileage was 62.31 which was up on the previous weeks of 44.66 (see Training Log). My plan is to continue with the Turbo through most of the winter with a few rides out on the road from December onward (weather permitting).

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At the start of each of my sessions on the trainer, I have to decide how far I want to go and subsequently which route to take. Well, as I’ve been feeling so much better these days, I started looking at the Rome to Home Route I’m planning for my 60th Birthday. OK, I’ve only mapped two days at the moment but as I do each day, I create the routes and convert them into GPX files which can then be used by various applications including my trainer coupled to Google Earth. So, yesterday I started off from the the centre of Rome and headed west and then North up the coast. I now know that Day 1 will be an easy day , so thats good.

Anyway, as I said, I did the first 40 miles and felt really good at the end. My weight is dropping and my breathing is improving. I’m still getting older though. 😦

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