Training Update 110206

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m afraid my update for last week has been a long time coming and I apologise for this. I do however feel that I have extenuating circumstances (excuses) for my tardiness.

Basically from Thursday the 3rd I have been driving all over the country for various reasons, none of which could be avoided. Add to this the plaintive call on the Sunday to inform Debbie and I that Matt had had his passport nicked on the day he was due to fly back from Mallorca. What followed was a flurry of activity on Matt’s part to ensure that he could get home and then by Debbie and I to ensure that he had a replacement passport in time for his flight to Australia on the Tuesday. All went well, and he’s now enjoying himself in Singapore as a break to the long journey. At this point, I would like to express my thanks to the Identity and Passport Service in London. They were brilliant and contrary to all the horror stories you hear over sourcing a passport, this experience was a great one. So Thank You once more to the IPS.

Anyway the upshot is, I only managed 58 miles last week which was actually short of my target. So this week, I have no stats, just guilt and a feeling of ‘I must try harder’

Go Podge, Go 🙂

By way of a PS, I have to mention the experience of actually getting into the Passport Office. Entry is similar to an airport where you have to go through a metal detector and your bags and coats have to go through an x-ray machine.

Before leaving for London, we weren’t sure wether or not to cut the photos into individuals or let them do it. To be on the safe side, I suggested that we left intact and let them cut them: but, just in case they did’t have any scissors I suggested that Debbie place some in her handbag. Anyway, the handbag went through the x-ray machine and the  alarm went up and the machine operated shouted ‘scissors’. Oops, debbie is searched and her scissors are confiscated. For some reason, this was all my fault.

She got them back afterwards though. Fortunately, she didn’t use the on me.

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